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Biography: プロフィール



Born in Tokyo, Japan. 
Performing mainly narrative songs such as “Heike monogatari”  ( The Tale of the Heike ) and war chronicles. Creating and performing herself new narrative works based on fairy tales and folk tales. Among her wide-range of activities: Anime and TV music recordings, theatre music and playing with instrumental ensembles. 
She challenges a new kind of biwa perfomance by two players “Biwa futarigatari” called “Yanaka Biwa Style”. And participate in an orchestra “Ensemble Muromachi” comprised of Japanese traditional instruments and period instruments. And the orchestra “Pro Musica Nipponia” which she belongs to is comprised of Japanese traditional instruments.
She has also collaborated with great composers of today including Claude Ledoux, Aurelien Dumont. And Performs many new pieces by contemporary composers.
She is performing all over the world, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Bolivia.

She played TAKEMITSU pieces "November Steps""Autumn" in Belgium, Germany, China.
With her teacher Yoshiko Sakata, she is involved in promoting the popularity of the biwa in Kagoshima Japan. 
Affiliation: Pro Musica Nipponia, Wagakudan Koh, Yanaka Biwa Style and Ensemble Muromachi.

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